Teeth Straightening with Toothfairy™

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Welcome to the future of dental care: technology-enhanced teeth straightening with clear aligners.
Getting teeth straightening often means choosing between long waits at the dentist or going DIY. Since the pandemic, it has become increasingly hard for people to get access to a dentist. Toothfairy™ offers a better way for our patients to uptake dentistry, by being readily available in clinic and virtually (via messages and video calls.)

Benefits of Straightening with Aligners

Teeth straightening with aligners has many benefits, as they’re discreet to wear and easy to take out when you need to, such as when eating or drinking. Unlike with regular braces, Toothfairy™ aligners are completely clear and made of flexible, BPA-free plastic, meaning they’re virtually invisible and much more comfortable.  Plus, you could see results in as little as 3-6 months, depending on the complexity of your case.

At Toothfairy™ we also offer a free initial consultation and have flexible payment plans to cater to all patients’ needs. Our dentists are reachable via the Toothfairy™ app anytime, and patients are able to arrange video call review appointments whenever they need. So no more long waiting lists or having to plan days of work for a simple and quick dentist visit!

Using Artificial Intelligence to Enhance Straightening

Toothfairy™ supercharge your dental care using smart AI technology on our award-winning app. This means all patients will have a personalised treatment plan made using state of the art technology, that can be changed and edited to suit the patient’s needs and dental concerns. Throughout treatment patients are able to upload images of their teeth via the app, which the AI will scan to asses their progress and report back. We also have dentists on hand 24/7 for patients to contact if they have any questions or concerns.

Find Out More…

At Toothfairy™ we provide a service that’s safe, quick and affordable – the way dental care should be. To find out more go to our website and book a free consultation with one of our dentists.

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Last updated on February 7, 2024

Dr. Deepak Aulak

Dr. Deepak Aulak is a London-based dental practitioner with a special interest in cosmetic dentistry. Having graduated from King's College London in Dentistry, Dr. Aulak was decorated with over a dozen awards and scholarships along the way, which notably include the Jelf Medal, Malleson Prize for research and GKT Hospital's Full Shields.


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