How often will I be reviewed by my Tooth Fairy dentist?

This depends on your treatment duration. The normal standard is for physical clinic dentist reviews every 4-6weeks. However by using Tooth Fairy’s award winning, regulated application, we are able to cut out these costly time consuming clinic reviews for you. You will still be reviewed regularly by a UK registered dentist but this is all done in-app.
This means reduced travel costs, less time sitting in crowded clinic waiting rooms and more time to focus on straightening your teeth.
If there any issues with treatment or you require further treatment, we will not hesitate to book you into our clinic. .


Is the app free for me if i undergo braces?

Yes – there are no charges for the consultations with your supervising dentist. Unlike one off emergencies appointments we offer in the app – for braces reviews there is no charge.


What makes you different?

Our technology is the first of its kind in the dental field. We are fully health regulated and ensure all dentists treating you are licensed dentists. We are so efficient that we can have competitive prices whilst ensuring you do not receive low quality treatment.


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