How Does Smoking Affect My Teeth?

How Does Smoking Affect My Teeth and Smile?   The negative effects of smoking on the body in general are well known by most people. Smoking not only impacts your heart and lungs, but it also adversely affects your oral health by damaging the teeth, gums, and tongue. In addition to cigarette smoking, vaping using

5 Health Benefits Caused By Smiling

5 Health Benefits Of Smiling Being more proud of your smile will only increase the amount you want to smile. Many Tooth Fairy Aligner patients have reported an increase in confidence and the desire to smile more often following their teeth straightening treatment.  A smile has many benefits to you. You are more likely be

6 Common Habits That Can Harm Your Smile

6 Common Habits That Can Harm Your Smile Your smile is one of the first things someone will notice about you. When you love your teeth, you smile more which is good for you and everyone around you. You can jump right into life, express yourself and experience everything.  So we all need to take care

How can I straighten my teeth from home?

Many patients ask us how they can straighten their teeth from home without having to spend lots of time sitting in a waiting room? One thing we always discuss with patients is that we are not a DIY - Do it Yourself - service, and we do not rely on impressions taken via kits at

How Do I Close Gaps Between My Teeth Using Braces?

How Do I Close Gaps Between My Teeth Using Tooth Fairy Aligners?  Often your smile is the first thing someone notices when they meet you. Therefore your smile acts as your introduction to the world. However many of us don’t like our teeth (almost 1 in 3). And if we don’t like our teeth, we

Invisalign or Tooth Fairy vs Braces – What&#...

Invisalign or Tooth Fairy vs Braces - What's the Best Way to Straighten Teeth,

How to Stop Teeth from Moving

How To Stop Teeth From Moving One of the most common reasons patients seek Tooth Fairy Aligners is due to their teeth moving in adulthood, even if they have had braces as children! Why Does It Occur? There are multiple reasons behind why your teeth can move. If left over time, teeth movement can result

How to clean your Tooth Fairy aligners

How to clean your Tooth Fairy aligners If not looked after properly, aligners can occasionally become stained or odorous. However, don’t worry cleaning your aligners properly is very easy and doesn’t need to take much time. Here’s a few tips:  1. Use Approved Dental Cleaning Products  There are many aligner cleaning products on the market

How often will I be reviewed by my Tooth Fairy den...

How often will I be reviewed by my Tooth Fairy dentist? The exact number of reviews depends on your treatment duration. The more aligners you need – the longer your treatment will last. The vast majority of our treatment typically lasts 3-6 months. At the moment, the normal industry standard is for patients to attend

5 Common Questions About Tooth Fairy Aligners

5 Common Questions about Tooth Fairy Aligners 1. Will people be able to see them? Tooth Fairy Aligners are made from strong clear material meaning they are virtually invisible making it very hard for people to notice. No metal brackets or wires are placed unlike in conventional braces. In some cases, small attachments may be