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The dentist will see you now.

🚀 Toothfairy is available to you through your employer’s workplace protection policy with Canada Life

Toothfairy x Canada Life

Toothfairy is available to all Canada Life workplace protection policyholders at no additional cost. It can be used by all your employees, whether insured or not. The service does not extend to family members.

*Employees will need to pay for any appointments arranged through Toothfairy.

No more 1 million days missed off work

Canada Life is offering, through its partnership with Toothfairy, the UK’s first health-regulated, smart dental app. Designed by dentists and partnering with real dentists in the UK, Toothfairy provides instant access to advice, guidance and prescriptions, all from the comfort of home.

What is it costing you?

With millions unable to see a dentist, sickness and absence due to dental issues is impacting everyone.

Data based off statistics attained from UK Government Figures, Office for National Statistics and Consumer Oral Health Survey Results 2022

Cost Calculator

10 100,000
Employees needing to take time off work due to dental issues
Cost to employer due to sickness and abscence

When your people feel physically and mentally fit, your business is healthier too.

We cover dental needs anytime, anywhere.

Toothfairy -

Toothfairy dental cover is designed to combat absences by diagnosing potential issues early.

We can pick out dental issues before they become problematic.

Toothfairy -

Benefits to your business

Reduced Absenteeism

Over 1million days missed off work annually due to dental issues

Less time off work

Over 4.2million employees too busy to see a dentist due to time constraints

Desired Benefit

Dental benefit is one of the most desired work benefits requested by employees

Features for employees

Connect to a dentist in minutes

Dental issues come at the most inconvenient times. Speak to a professional dentist and seek immediate advice and help via our app.

Achieve oral health goals

Manage your oral health, through preventative skills, virtual exams and dentist prescribed medications to reduce cavities and gum disease.

Get personalised help from a dentist

Speak to a dentist at a time of an emergency, get solutions to dental issues, and if needed, we can help search if any local dental clinics in our network can see you for follow-up care.

Prescriptions and pain management

With a range of services, from exams, chats, prescriptions and cosmetic treatments, we are the world’s first dental clinic in the cloud.

Discounted cosmetic treatments

Get discounted treatments such as teeth straightening and whitening, exclusively for businesses and employees, nearly 60% cheaper than high street clinic prices.

Video consultations and virtual exams

Showcase your current oral status, and let a dentist give you feedback on how to clean better, where there are high risk sites, and what you can do to prevent dental disease.

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