Frequently asked questions

Please check your spam or junk folder, as sometimes the verification email can be filtered as junk by your email provider.

Any insured partner or dependant over the age of 18 can download the Toothfairy app and create their own account to access the service. To unlock all the apps features and create their own profile, they will need to use the same join code as the member. The member can access this code from the welcome email received.

Parents/guardians of insured members under the age of 18 can enquire about their dependent’s oral health via the Dentist chat however cannot use the other features/services of Toothfairy.

For more information on what you can claim back, please see Can I claim back the fees for a video consultation or prescription under my Unum Dental cover?

You may enquire about your dependant’s oral health via the ‘Dentist chat’ to obtain advice and signposting. However, uninsured dependants aren’t able to use any other Toothfairy features or services.

Dentist chat helpline: Assistance is available via the app 7 days a week, with the core operating hours from 9 am to 8 pm.

Dentist video consult: Assistance is available Monday–Friday between 9am and 6pm. Toothfairy typically provide an appointment within 1-2 working days.

Contact one of Toothfairy dentists to discuss teeth straightening treatment.

During this consultation you will be able to request a unique code to unlock specific features to support you whilst undertaking teeth straightening. You can also ask for further information in the chat feature within the app.

There are services within the Toothfairy app you will be required to purchase, should you choose to use them. For example, a video
consultation is charged at £29, and a prescription is charged at £19.99. Costs will always be advised either through the app, or by the dentist before you commit to buy.

For more information on what you can claim back, please see Can I claim back the fees for a video consultation or prescription under my Unum Dental cover?

Private prescriptions issued by a dentist through the Toothfairy app cost £19.99.

This charge does not include the cost of your medicine or other items: this is payable directly to the pharmacy. Prices can vary between different pharmacies, so please check the cost of the items when filling your prescription.

Please note that NHS prescription exemptions do not apply to private prescriptions.

From the home page, select ‘My Bookings’ and ‘View prescriptions’

You can claim towards the cost of a video consultation, subject to the limits of your Unum Dental cover.

The cost for a video consultation in the Toothfairy app is £29. However, when you book a consultation you can apply 1 credit, which reduces the cost to £28. You can claim back this £28 against your Unum Dental policy subject to benefit limits. Toothfairy will send a receipt to the registered email on your account, which you can upload to the Unum Dental claim portal.

Prescription charges and the cost of your medicine may be covered in some circumstances depending on your level of cover. Please check your benefit schedule or contact Unum Dental directly if you unsure if you are covered.

Contact Unum (hold down and press open link)

Once you’ve completed and paid for your treatment in full you will receive a receipt from Toothfairy to your registered email address. You can then submit your claim via the app.

To make a claim select ‘Unum Claims’ on the home screen, which will take you through to the Unum Dental claims portal. Here, you will need to log in to the claims portal and select the option to make a new claim. Submit your claim by inputting your claim details and attaching your receipt.

If you are unsure of whether you can make a claim, your benefit schedule will provide you with a list of your insured treatments.

In addition to Toothfairy services, as part of your Unum Dental membership, you have access to a range of Unum services and support. These include: Unum’s claims portal, providing simple, fast digital claim reimbursement; Unum’s wellbeing calendar, for wider health and wellbeing content; and retail discounts and savings on everyday spending via BenefitHub. All features can be viewed and accessed via the Toothfairy app’s home screen. If you are unable to view these features, please use the ‘Dentist chat’ function to get help.

In ‘My profile’, select ‘Codes’ and enter your Join Code under ‘Access code’ to unlock the tailored version of the Toothfairy app, in partnership with Unum.

This can be found in your welcome email from Unum Dental, which you’ll get after your policy start date. If you cannot find this, please contact Unum Dental directly.

Contact Unum (hold down and press open link)

Only the team managing your care will see it. We will never share your medical history with an employer, insurer or any third party without your consent. You can read more about how we manage your data and what limitations are placed on who can access your information here:

Privacy Policy

As part of the retainer club, you get 1 retainer per year.

Toothfairy™️ Retainer Club means a new retainer annually, ensuring less bacterial build-up with old retainers, reduced odour and fewer breaks through nighttime grinding due to their nightly wear.

Toothfairy™️ retainers are made from a transparent, virtually invisible thermoplastic material. All materials used are BPA free and produced in an award-winning UK dental laboratory. Toothfairy™️ retainers are some of the strongest on the market.

Relapse (movement) of teeth after previous teeth straightening is one of the most common reasons many of our patients seek Toothfairy™️ aligners. This is because many patients were not given retainers to ensure their smile stayed straight after braces treatment, or their retainers were lost/broken over time.  Without adequate long-term retention, your teeth naturally want to return to their original position. This is why retainers are so helpful in maintaining a perfect smile.

We recommend that all our patients wear their retainers ideally every night to prevent the relapsing of their teeth. The more you wear your retainers, the less movement will occur and the straighter your teeth will stay. Wearing retainers every night makes it familiar for them to become worn or cracked in one year, so joining the Retainer Club is the perfect way to replace your old retainer with a clean new one, when needed.

Please check your relevant policy to ensure your Provider will cover the fees for our service. Our services are conducted by GDC-registered UK dentists and typically can be claimed back if your insurer permits. Please get in touch with them directly to check if your coverage includes this.

You can add the code an insurer or employer supplied to your “Profile” under “Codes”.

Toothfairy is regulated by the Care Quality Commission (UK health regulatory body). To discharge our regulatory requirements, we need to be able to give accurate medical advice and ensure patient safety. To do so we require details of your medical history.

Please note, that before you can use the Toothfairy app you must complete your:

  • name
  • date of birth
  • address
  • medical history
  • email confirmation

This will enable you to use all the features available to you in the app.

Dentist Chat Helpline:

Assistance is available in the app seven days a week, with the core operating from 9 am to 8 pm.


Dentist Video Consult:

Assistance is available Monday – Friday, 9 am to 6 pm. Response to request for an appointment to be addressed within 24-48 hours.

Eligible members will be invited to register with and start using Toothfairy after their employer purchases an eligible policy with Toothfairy or a partner Insurer.

Yes, all Toothfairy dentists hold UK General Dental Council (GDC) licenses and are fully indemnified. To maintain the highest standards of care, Toothfairy dentists undergo regular audits and reviews.

The service is completely confidential. No information will be shared with partners, or an employer aside from anonymous usage information.

A unique partnership exists between Toothfary and your insurance provider. You can learn more by discussing this with your provider, typically your employer or your broker who has supplied your insurance product.

You can find your policy number to unlock your services in your policy documents or via your employer/insurance rep. In most instances, the member number to unlock Toothfairy is the same as your policy number.

To unlock features to assist you as part of your Employee package, speak to your employer/insurer for a unique code.

This will then unlock specific features to permit you to use features for patients who have an insurance/employer membership.

You can also ask for further information in the chat feature within the app.

To unlock features to assist you as part of your insurance package, speak to your employer/insurer for a unique code.

This will then unlock specific features to permit you to use features for patients who have an insurance / employer membership.

You can also ask for further information in the chat feature within the app.

Toothfairy issues private prescriptions.

A script issued by a dentist is £19.99.

This does not include the cost of the medicine. The cost of the medicine is to be paid directly to the pharmacy and can vary between different pharmacies. Please ensure you are aware of the cost of the medicine, as this is not set by Toothfairy and is issued independently.

As this is a private prescription, Universal or NHS credit is not applicable.

Toothfairy offers a range of features to assist employees, which include:

  • Dentist chat – 1:1 personalised chat with a dentist, available out-of-hours
  • Video consult: 1:1 video consult with a dentist, available out-of-hours
  • Prescriptions for medicines
  • Virtual exams to assess teeth and identify high-risk sites
  • Discounted of cosmetics

Each business can create a personalised plan for their employees and cater to specific needs.

Toothfairy covers businesses and their employees for dental issues. Whether it is a prescription for a spreading swelling or dental pain at work, our dentists are on hand to assist. We run employee engagement and health programmes to prevent dental disease before it can occur through oral health workshops and personalised 1:1 guidance in the app.


Book a free consult from our website to explore how we can help your business.

Unless you have a code, supplied by your insurer or employer, you may be required to purchase specific treatments which are not included.

Each service, if purchased directly in the app, has a specific price.

For example, a video consult is charged at £29.00, whereas a prescription is charged at £19.99 for a script.


To unlock features to assist you as part of your treatment, speak to your dentist for a unique code.

This will then unlock specific features to permit you to use features for patients undertaking teeth straightening.

You can also ask for further information in the chat feature within the app.

Teeth whitening is the process of using peroxide to whiten your teeth with a gel substance, to make your smile brighter. You simply wear fitted teeth trays that contain this gel to remove surface-level stains. Your dentist will instruct you the time to wear this gel, but it can range from 1 hour to overnight, for approximately two weeks.

Unfortunately, there is no way to permanently whiten your teeth, as drinking coffee and other activities will continue to stain them. High amounts of peroxide gels, which can only be prescribed by a dentist, can remove deeper stains that have longer lasting effects than simple, surface level teeth whitening products.

Teeth whitening products will not work on false teeth. Dentures, implants, and other types of false teeth are significantly different from natural teeth and thus do not react to the same treatments.

Whitening kits are not harmful, but more intense procedures done in a dentist office can have some risks of damaging the enamel. Temporary teeth sensitivity can result from teeth whitening, which can be uncomfortable.

Professional teeth whitening procedures can easily be as expensive as £1,000 when done at a dentist’s office, but when done at home with Toothfairy the price for teeth whitening can be as low as £249.

Toothfairy aligners are custom-made to precisely fit your teeth. As you wear the aligners, they gently shift your teeth into a straighter and healthier position. A dentist oversees every treatment plan to ensure the process is safe and effective. Most plans conclude in less than six months and necessitate wearing the aligners consistently.

Noticeable teeth straightening results can begin to be noticed within weeks of beginning the teeth straightening process. However, the entire teeth straightening process can take anywhere between one to two years.

You can absolutely straighten your teeth as an adult as long as your teeth and gums are healthy. Any age can benefit from the many aesthetic and health improvements of teeth straightening.

Yes. Our reliable treatments are designed by dentists registered with the GDC and our method has benefited thousands of patients. Teeth straightening requires strict adherence to daily wear and emphasizes the crucial role of retainers following the treatment’s completion.

Every phase of the Toothfairy journey is customized for the individual. The dentist, the App, and you engage in clear and fluid communication, ensuring the process is transparent, efficient, and successful. Compared to traditional approaches, Toothfairy is typically less costly, involves shorter wait times, and offers greater clarity.

There can be a wide variety of dental emergencies when you need immediate dental attention and treatment. Dental emergencies will not heal on their own, and unless they are treated as soon as possible they will only continue to get worse.

Damage to teeth, severe pain, and bleeding are just some of the main types of dental emergencies that require immediate treatment. Painkillers are not a complete solution for dental emergencies, as infections and other types of serious problems will only get worse if left untreated.

A dentist can advise you on the best course of action and treatment for your dental emergency. The first step is to identify the problem, soothe any immediate pain or discomfort, and make a plan for what needs to be done next.

You can begin speaking with a dentist for an emergency consultation within minutes of downloading the Tooth Fairy app. You simply request an appointment, receive a time from our dental team, and then begin speaking with our dentists.

We have a simple fixed fee of £29 for an emergency dental appointment. When you are having a dental emergency, the best thing to do is to talk with a dentist immediately, and the Tooth Fairy App helps you to do that as quickly and as cheaply as possible.

You can book a free video consultation with one of our dental team by clicking the relevant treatment you are interested in, and booking a free consult.

Here we can discuss prices, discounts and the process to uptake treatments.

As a policyholder with one of our insurance partners, you receive discounts on cosmetic treatments such as teeth straightening or whitening. You can book a free video consultation by clicking on the treatment you are interested in.

As part of the Unum plan, you get a discount of 10% off the total treatment price.

At this free video consult, we can discuss prices, discounts, and the process of uptake treatments.