Designed with by dentists, with patients in mind
Toothfairy™ aligners - a clear difference

Toothfairy aligners are made to hug each groove and dip of your tooth, and can be customised to fit any mouth. With a balance of flex and strength, we ensure maximum efficiency and comfort.

Virtually invisible, just like the Toothfairy.


Our aligners are married with incredible technology, and state of the arm manufacturing, pushing the boundaries of tooth movement, and decades of material science research.

We are:

  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • ISO 27001 Certified
  • BPA free aligners

Precision planning, just like chess


Our approach to straightening isn’t just unique—it’s strategic, like a game of chess, carefully planned by trained dentists to ensure the most effective tooth movement. Using smart AI technology, visualise your perfect smile with a 3D preview before your journey begins.

Clinically safe supervision

We partner real dentists with smart tech to give you all the convenience of an award-winning app, with safe dental supervision to improve your smile.

This means you can get straight, healthy teeth to fall in love with, at a smarter price. That’s a real reason to smile.