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Teeth straightening process - how does it work

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How does teeth straightening work? How does it work? How do you get straight teeth? Speak to a dentist today, free consult, dental advice, speak to a teeth straightening dentist now.

What are the steps?

Once a dentist has reviewed your details, you will be contacted by your very own personal treatment co-ordinator to discuss the next steps. Your co-ordinator will always be on hand throughout your Tooth Fairy treatment.

If you are deemed a suitable case, a dentist will discuss your plan, treatment costs and how Tooth Fairy teeth straightening can be done safely for each individual. 
The next stage is to be booked in at one of our partner clinics for a full dental examination of your teeth and gums. All of this is included in your package price! Once you have had a thorough examination, we will then take detailed measurements for your Tooth Fairy Aligners to be made from. 

Unlike other providers, Tooth Fairy does not rely on DIY kits (impressions taken at home), as these are unreliable and will mean poor treatment results. We will always ensure you are treated safely by a UK registered dentist at each step by using a combination of our award winning mobile application and physical clinic visits.


Tooth Fairy is a service designed and run by dentists. We partner real dentists with smart tech to give you all the convenience of an award winning app, without cutting any clinical corners.

Our smart tech helps reveal your smile, with personality and individuality. Getting your teeth straight is planned personally for each individual, ensuring we plan each tooth movement according to your unique requirement.

This means you can get straight, healthy teeth to fall in love with, at a smarter price.

Now that’s a real reason to smile.






For more information about our service, check out our process page here: https://toothfairyapp.co.uk/how/

If you have any other questions not answered on our website feel free to email : office@toothfairyapp.co.uk