Do you see children?

For general advice on eruption of teeth, our dentists can help you as a parent. If your child has a traumatic incident we would advise you to call NHS 111 urgently or in a severe emergency 999. Please do not delay getting assistance following a traumatic incident or for a child who is in pain.

Can I send you images?

Yes, our app has been developed to accept images files as part of your consultation as well as a secure live video feed when you speak to your dentist.

I just require regular advice, can I use this app?

Yes, for example if you require general advice about a treatment plan offered to you, or wondering about orthodontics (braces), the difference between white and metal fillings, or what a Root Canal involves etc. you can have a discussion with a professional dentist.

Is the advice safe?

All advice provided through the app is by dentists who are fully trained and indemnified. We examine all of our dentists before they are allowed to provide advice to patients. We recommend you do follow up our advice with a physical dental consultation with your regular dentist.

Can I use you in an emergency?

If you are in severe pain, have limited mouth opening, difficulty in swallowing, or have had a traumatic incident, then you will need to seek urgent assistance. Please call NHS 111 or 999, alternatively you can visit your local A&E department. We are not a emergency service, and cannot assist you if you require urgent

Is the app free?

Yes, our app is free to download from the Apple Store. You can search for local dentists for free, as well as watch free educational videos. There is a appointment charge to speak to a dentist via video call – (which is in line with the cost of a dental emergency appointment in the the

What is the Tooth Fairy app?

The Tooth Fairy app was developed by dentists to help increase access to a clinician, who can provide advice and alleviate any dental problems . Through the app you can attain professional advice and education to manage a range of symptoms. You can either speak to a dentist for emergencies or use our app to