What makes you different?

Our patented technology is the first of its kind in the dental aligner field. We are fully health regulated and ensure all dentists treating you are licensed dentists.

Is the app free if I undergo braces?

Yes – there are no charges for the consultations with your supervising dentist. Unlike one off emergencies appointments we offer in the app – for braces reviews there is no charge.

Why do you insist on a full dental exam?

The guidelines in the UK are that you need to be dentally fit for you to undertaking orthodontics. A full examination needs to occur, including inspection of your teeth, your gums and underlying tissues including the bone. We believe in your safety hence our health regulation.  Hidden cysts – or root resorption from previous treatment

Why do you not do impression kits?

Tooth Fairy is founded and led by dentists. Even though we have done impressions on hundreds and hundreds of patients – even we struggle to get all of the detail on the impressions. Therefore it wouldn’t be fair to ask you to do them yourself. Poor impressions = poor aligner fitting and therefore poor treatment

What is your braces service?

The Tooth Fairy clear braces services is a service that offers patients treatment to straighten their teeth, whilst being supervised through technology and physical appointments. The aligners used are the same aligners that our founding dentists have used in clinic on real patients – except they are more affordable and convenient.